$320,000 Tech Upgrade for Waverley Courthouse

Waverley Courthouse has received a $320,000 technology boost to make all courtroom hearings more efficient and secure, Member for Coogee Bruce Notley-Smith and NSW Attorney General Mark Speakman announced today. 

Mr Notley-Smith said two courtrooms at Waverley Courthouse have had high definition Audio Visual Link (AVL) facilities installed so all hearings will have access to the best court technology in the world.

“AVL is cutting edge technology that allows courthouses to hear bail applications from prisons, testimony from remote witnesses and ‘in camera’ evidence from vulnerable victims,” Mr Notley-Smith said.

“One of the major benefits of having AVL is it reduces the need to transport inmates substantial distances for short court appearances, saving taxpayers millions of dollars while increasing safety for all court users.

“Expert witnesses who live in remote parts of NSW, interstate or overseas can also testify via AVL, ensuring hearings are dealt with more efficiently.”

Each of the upgraded courtrooms has received a new laptop computer for presenting evidence and a document camera for magnifying exhibits and projecting them onto a new 65-inch LCD screen.

“It means all parties in court will be able to view evidence simultaneously in intricate detail,” Mr Speakman said. 

Vulnerable witnesses will give “in-camera” evidence from the safety of a private room in the courthouse.

“Testifying away from a courtroom environment significantly reduces stress and trauma for children and other victims,” Mr Speakman said.

AVL is now operating in hundreds of justice facilities across NSW including 203 courtrooms at 76 locations.

The Waverley AVL upgrade was completed on 5 May 2017.

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